Sexual Harassment

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is often a workplace dilemma. It typically means physical or emotional unwanted behavior by another individual which can be categorized as hostile. The term is defined differently in different geographical regions and cultures. However, within the US, any unwanted pressure for sex, unwanted touching, pinching, cornering, sexual gestures, or physical attempt of rape is considered a case of sexual harassment in a workplace according to the law. Sexual concerns in a professional environment can include both the genders such that a male and a female harassment attempt or same gender harassment attempt. Law has been designed for such cases which if reported to the management can be handled at the highest priority. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can you give some information on cyber Harassment law?

A:Cyber harassment law covers major areas of electronic forms of communication. This includes internet and phone channels. In cyber harassment laws, issues that can be held against a person in court have been identified. Threatening behavior via electronic channels, bullying, hacking account, abusive language, malicious behavior online, cyber stalking, and internet theft all fall into the category of cyber harassment. With the increase in electronic communications, the crime level in our society has shifted towards this area as well. Now you don't have to be face to face or physically present to be able to prove harassment. You can easily file a legal complain against people who harass you over the phone, internet, or other electronic channels.

Q:Should I seek help from a Sexual Harassment Law Firm if I think I have been harassed at work?

A:Yes, if you think you are being harassed at work you should immediately contact a sexual harassment law firm. You should know that sexual harassment is a criminal offense and that you can bring the perpetrator to justice under the legal system. There are numerous law firms in this area that offer all kinds of legal services to victims of harassment. It is important that you do not let such issues go unnoticed.

Q:I am a victim of sexual Harassment at my workplace, what shall I do?

A:The first step to take in such matters is to look for a qualified harassment lawyer or attorney t handle your harassment case. It is important that you find help instantly and file a complaint for harassment. There are a number of harassment law firms who can guide you through the complex law procedure of harassment law suits.

Q:How many categories of harassment are recognized in the field of Harassment Law?

A:Harassment Law can be defined as the systematic act or annoyance of one party to another. The victim of harassment can file a harassment case against the other party. Harassment is recognized by law and is punishable in all states. Following mentioned are categories of harassment that can be the basis of a lawsuit: sexual harassment, verbal harassment, psychological harassment, legal harassment, group psychological harassment, hate speech, and more. The basic categories of harassment can be either civil harassment, employee harassment, or government harassment. There are a number of legal firms who specialize in harassment law and help fight for harassment victims. Their key objective is to protect the right of harassment victims and claim for damages /compensation.