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Car Accidents

Types of Auto Accidents
An accident is an unintentional and unexpected event that can happen anywhere at any time. In the United States alone, more than six million vehicles crash every year – simply put, being in a car accident is inevitable. There are several types of car accidents that can lead to different injuries and varying levels of damage to your vehicle. These include Rear Impact accidents which involve hitting someone’s vehicle from behind, or being hit from behind. Car accidents in which the side of a vehicle is damaged are called Side Impact accidents. If two cars collide head-on, or the front end of a vehicle hits a non-moving object, it is considered a Head-on Collision. Rollovers occur when a car is flipped on its side or turned upside down, while accidents in which a vehicle goes off the road are called Runoffs. 

Compensation for Damages
In addition to the obvious damage to a vehicle, car accidents can cause serious personal injury, mental anguish and economic loss. In addition to the person who caused the accident, vehicle manufacturers and government agencies can also be included in a lawsuit to recover damages. Those injured in an accident can obtain compensation that covers medical bills, costs of rehabilitation and loss of income. In some states where comparative fault is considered, a judge or jury will determine the percentage of fault for each person involved in the accident, and award appropriate compensation on that basis. Additionally, punitive or exemplary damages may also be awarded if the incident involved driver incompetence, speeding, driving under the influence or violating traffic laws.

The Role of Accident Lawyers
With car accidents being an everyday occurrence, many people simply do not bother to hire lawyers unless they are involved in extremely serious accidents. Most people do not realize that they may be entitled to damages that can help offset the damage caused by car accidents and hiring accident lawyers is the only way to recover the losses encountered, pay for medical bills, and deal with insurance companies. Accident lawyers specialize in filing personal injury and other claims, determining liability, and estimating damages incurred. Pursuing a case through a lawyer greatly improves the chances of obtaining an appropriate amount of compensation, and lawyers are a great help when it comes to dealing with copious amounts of paperwork.

Legal Fees
Most cases related to car accidents are handled on a contingency basis, meaning that if the lawyer does not win a case, he or she does not collect a fee. On the other hand, if damages are awarded, the lawyer obtains a certain percentage of it or a third of the total amount. This percentage varies case-to-case based on the nature of the accident, the number of people involved, the seriousness of an injury and the resulting claims. In most cases settled before trial, lawyers usually charge 33 percent of the amount awarded, while for cases that go to court, 40 percent of the compensation will be charged in fees. 

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