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Construction Accident

What is Construction Accident Law?
Laws relating to construction accidents are essentially personal injury laws. Unfortunately, personal injury and wrongful death of workers are common and are usually caused when safety standards enacted by the federal and the state governments are not properly followed. Construction accidents may be caused by a variety of elements with an employer being only one of them. Other contributing factors could be the manufacturers of the faulty equipment or machinery, construction managers, contractors, engineers and architects. Fighting for the protection of your rightful claim against these elements requires hiring professional help like Construction Accident Lawyers.
Claims under Construction Accident Laws
Trench collapse, falls from heights, construction vehicle injury, defective roof structures, dangerous tools, asbestos, unsafe ladders and scaffolding, defective machinery, defective construction equipment, and construction site injuries are some of the most glaring examples of claims filed under construction accident laws.
Why hire Construction Accident Lawyers?
Since these are complex matters, you need to hire thoroughly professional Construction Accident Lawyers. Remember, your employer may be protected from your personal injury lawsuit due to the workers’ compensation benefits. Only with the help of a professional will you be able to go beyond workers’ compensation benefits. In addition, your lawyer may also help you file a lawsuit against a third party. A third party, may be, but is not restricted to, another driver involved in the accident, manufacturer of the faulty equipment or machinery being used at the site at the time of the accident, the property owner, and other contractors and vendors working on the site.
The adverse effects of working around asbestos have also become known now. Asbestos was once used as a construction material, mainly to fire-proof the premises. However, it is now known that it may, in extreme cases, cause mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer. The biggest problem in working around asbestos is that it does not cause the cancer instantaneously. In some cases, the symptoms may start to show in 20-40 years. It also has the capacity to spread to the rest of the exposed worker’s family. Therefore, professional help is needed and hiring of Construction Accident Lawyers may help.

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