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Birth Injury

A number of complications can arise during pregnancy or at the time of delivery due to which a baby may have to suffer a serious health threat. Many babies are born perfectly while there are several who go through birth injury. A birth injury in simple words is a serious injury or death that results due to medical mistakes, negligence, or incorrect hospital policy during delivery.
Birth Injury Law
Birth injury law protects the legal rights of the new born as well as the parents. There can be a number of situations in which a baby may suffer injury. The common cases include the failure of the doctor to rightly assess or respond to conditions or complications during pregnancy or delivery. Another situation when a birth injury may take place is when a woman takes a prescription drug under the guidance of a doctor during pregnancy. In such situations, birth injury law gives you the right to legal compensation from the drug manufacturer or pharmaceutical company; you may also get compensation from the doctor or pharmacist who assisted you with your prescription. A birth injury can also take place due to an improper medical technique during delivery, or because of inappropriate use of a medical device like a vacuum. You must bear in mind that not all birth injuries give rise to legal claim as a baby may experience a problem despite of skillful medical assistance and use of proper medication and apparatus.
Birth Defects or Birth Injuries?
Birth injuries generally result because of something that went wrong during the process of delivery process. Birth defects, on the other hand, imply harm to a baby that arose before birth; generally resulted by something that went wrong during or before pregnancy. Heredity and environment issues can also cause birth defects. The causes of birth defects are often not known while in some cases they may result due to a mother’s own actions in which case your rights to a legal recovery for birth injury do not apply.
Birth Injury Lawyer
If your baby has encountered a birth injury you certainly deserve compensation. However, proving your case is not possible without the professional guidance of a birth injury lawyer. This is why it is imperative to hire an experienced attorney who is well versed in this particular. He/she can gather adequate evidence and collect facts that can help you have legal compensation that you deserve. An attorney will also consult with and present the testimony of medical expert to prove your case. He/she would establish that your doctor’s negligence or deviation from the standard of care caused a birth injury to the baby. Always hire an experienced attorney who can take care of all the legal concerns and make sure that things go in your favor in the best possible manner. 

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